Zero Balance Installation Fee for Annual Plan



Your Installation Balance Fee is the cost you first subscribe to an annual term plan and is based on the discount you originally received for your annual plan. It decreases every month over the length of your first annual term. At the end of your first annual term, the Installation Fee Balance is $0.

It is to be noted that this is a one time occurrence. Any other changes in installations such as change of location or reconnections after disconnections are subject to regular pricing.


Explanation of Terms

Starting Installation Fee Balance

  • The Starting Installation Fee Balance is the discount you originally received for your installation when you first subscribed to your annual plan.

Monthly Credit

  • Over the length of your annual plan, VIF automatically reduces your Installation Fee Balance each month by a set amount. This “monthly credit” is equal to your original installation discount divided by the number of months in your first annual term. At the end of your annual term, the Installation Fee Balance is $0.

Cancellation Installation Fee Balance Payment

  • When you cancel your annual service term, you are subject to a cancellation fee which includes your current Installation Fee Balance at that time.