Sign Up Policies

  1. Monthly plans require a credit card or Preauthorized payment method
  2. Yearly plans must be pre-paid for the whole year in advance during first month of service.
  3. Service may not be available in all regions.
  4. Service must be unconditionally active for a minimum of 1 month starting activation/installation date.
  5. Service invoicing not dependent on usage. You are responsible for cancellation of your account if you do not wish to use it.
  6. Prices on our pages do not include taxes.
  7. The speed of the service & stability is dependent on conditions beyond our control and cannot be guaranteed. No reimbursement or rebate is applied if you cannot reach the advertised speed. Click here to find out what may cause you not to have full speeds. Also all of our unlimited plans have an acceptable usage policy
  8. Unlimited Access is based on an intermittent access and non-concurrent use.
  9. Prices, policies and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  10. By signing up with any VIF plan you automatically and unconditionally agree to the terms and conditions, even if they have not all been explained to you explicitly.
  11. 1 Free installation is given to all new sign ups for our yearly plans. Additional installations or move orders are charged in full. One free installation per person/family/address/account
  12. Charges occur on all Speed changes, you will be notified of the charged price during your request. May take up to 5 to 10 business days to have the new speed requested.


For Cable internet service:

  1. Installation delay between 1 to 4 weeks depending on client and technician’s availability.
  2. Additional transfer charge $0.30/GB subject to change without prior notice.
  3. We cannot provide Cable Internet Service at the same address where Digital Cable Phone is already installed.
  4. Rebate of $30 on installation fee for monthly plans on condition that your Cable Internet account is still active and we transfer this account on or before your cancellation date.
  5. Acceptable Usage Policies applies to all Cable Unlimited Plans
  6. Account modification fee of $30 applies to all speed, limit and plan changes.


For ADSL internet service:

  1. Delay of 6 business days minimum required to activate DSL service.
  2. If you are making any changes to your phone line, switching providers for your phone or moving, VIF must be advised 5 business days before the change is made (no refunds, rebates, or reimbursements will be given in cases where VIF was not advised of the changes)
  3. If you change your phone line from a Bell type line to a VOIP or Digital/Cable phone line and wish to continue using VIF DSL you must pay for dryloop activation and monthly dryloop fees.
  4. Softcap policies apply on every ADSL/VDSL/FTTN Services

VoIP Policies

  1. Up to 10 business days for any portability requests. Portability fee $35 (plus taxes)
  2. Free Long Distance anywhere in Canada and the United States excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon.
    • Hawaii $0.06/min
    • Alaska $0.39/min
    • Nunavut, Yukon , Northwest territories $0.39/min
  3. Additional Fees and Services
    • 411 Calls 3.00$/min
    • 900 Calls are disabled
    • Collect calls are disabled
    • Regulatory 911 tax (Quebec only) $0.46/month
  4. Residential Use consists of 5000 minutes per month. Calls over 5000 minutes will be considered as commercial. Extra fees will apply
  5. Quality and availability of service dependent on High-Speed service and other conditions not always under our control.
  6. Intercom and Alarm systems are not supported by our VoIP service

Cancellation Policies

  1. Service charges of $30 for ADSL, $100 FTTN or Cable Internet for cancellation before your installation.
  2. All cancellation requests must be done by phone only. Email or written cancellations will not be accepted.
  3. VIF Internet may discontinue any subscription at any time upon one week notice to the customer.
  4. Full month of service will be charged if there is a cancellation request before the end of the first month of service.
  5. Full Installation fees (where we have given a free installation) and monthly fees & monthly rental fees will be charged on each months used when cancelled before the 12th month of service.
  6. If the service is canceled after the 12th month of service, the monthly fees and modem rentals will be charged for all months used only.
  7. Cancellation Requests must be done 7 business days before the end of the current month or else the next month of service will be charged.
  8. All Rental Equipments must be returned in their original packaging with all that was provided and in clean and working condition or else full pricing for the equipment will be charged.