General Questions

DNS Servers

Our Internet DNS Servers are the following

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
To use our Webhosting service you must have these DNS Set on your domain name

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

E-mail Servers

  • Incoming Servers (POP3/IMAP):
    • Default Port 110 for POP3
    • Default Port 143 for IMAP
  • Outgoing Server SMTP:
    • Default Port 25 for SMTP (if fails due to firewall try port 587)
  • External Outgoing Server SMTP:
    • This server is used only when you are outside of our network (ex: on Cell DATA or Public Wifi)
    • Default Port 25 for SMTP (if fails due to firewall try port 587 or 2525)

VoIP Servers

  • SIP Server:
You must forward these ports to your SIP ATA on your router in order to have better communication with our SIP servers.

  • SIP Port 5060
  • RTP Ports 10000-20000


Remote Assistance

  • A technical support agent might request for you to download a software to make the technical support process as easy and quick as possible. Click HERE to download the application.
  • You must not rename this file or else we will not be able to login to your computer.
  • In case the file name is changed please use the following information in the application by clicking on the 3 dotted vertical line on the top left next to the ID and click ID/Relay Server
    • ID Server:
    • Key: EeQeDZw7mKuRFTeZkpCqKK3cy94gTsfaMn0H2J2kqOc=