Domain Names

Where can I register my .ca, .com, .net or .org domain name?

To register your domain name, simply hop on to and click on Register. You will then have to fill out a few pages of information. Make sure you have a credit card with you, as this is required to register a domain name on the page. The cost for a domain name is $15.95 per year for a .com, .net or .org, and $29.95tx per year for a .ca,,, etc.

Can I register other domain TLD’s (.info, .tv, etc) with you?

Yes you may register any TLDs you like.

How many emails can I get with a domain name, and were do I upload my website?

When you’re buying a domain name, you’re actually buying just that – a name. This domain name does not include any space on the server, nore does it give you access to any email addresses. For that, you will need to get yourself a web hosting either from us or from another webhosting company.

If I do a whois on my .ca domain name, it’s status sais “APPRVL”. What does this mean?

When you register a .ca domain name, you will receive an email asking you to confirm the registration of the domain name by clicking on the link included in the email, and confirming a few pages of informations. Once that is done, then your domain name will truly be registered.

I already have a domain name but I want to transfer it to you. How do I do it?

Go to, click on “Register”, and then click on “Move Domain Name” after entering your domain name in the box. Then follow the instructions on screen.

Can I point my domain name to my free webhosting at VIF or some other free webhosting?

It is not possible to point a domain name directly to a url like This is called “URL Forwarding” and it is a technique that is not normally used by domain name registrars. However, if you wish to have your domain name point to such a URL, we suggest you use ZoneEdit as a service, which you can find here.