How do i know my antispam service is activated?

To know if this service is activated you must login to your emails from our webmail and see if you have the folders called “spam” , “is_spam” and “is_not_spam”.

What are the spam, is_spam and is_not_spam folders?

The spam folder is where all the spam messages go into. You might see your friends and family’s emails there also, this is why you must “teach” your email which messages it should block and which ones it shouldn’t by copying your friends’ email message to “is_not_spam” and those emails you don’t like to the “is_spam” folder, so for the next time it will know!

Why people on my whitelist still being put in the spam folder?

The way our system works is that once the Antispam has been activated, your regular whitelist and blacklist will not work even those you’ll see those options. So you have to “teach” your email which ones it should and shouldn’t block by doing exactly in the second FAQ.

Can the AntiSpam filtering work with my Outlook?

Yes and no. Usually when you open your outlook you’ll notice a lot of messages missing since the antispam blocks it before you get your emails. If you’re using your outlook to view as a POP3 server then you will not see the “spam”, “is_spam” and “is_not_spam” folders. If however you use your outlook as an IMAP server to get your emails, thats when you’ll see your all your folders so you could copy your messages from folder to folder to tell it to block or not block