What is the VoIP ATA?

An ATA is connected between your internet modem or router and an existing telephone  in order to provide service nearly indistinguishable from public switched telephone network (PSTN) providers. ATAs are used by many VoIP companies selling a telco-alternative VoIP service, where the device is used to replace a user’s connection to a traditional telephone company.

How do I connect the VoIP ATA?

You connect and ethernet cable on the ATA device directly on your router or modem ports and you must plug in a traditional telephone on phone jack thats built on the ATA device to make and receive calls

Will the VoIP ATA work if there is no power?

Without power the ATA will not work meaning you will not be able to use your telephone also.

Can I connect more than one phone to the VoIP ATA?

Normally you cannot connect more than one phone to it. However if you have a splitter you can connect 2 or more phones using the splitters ports. Also you can use wireless phone devices that come with 2 to 4 combined telephones which one is the base where you connect to the ATA device and the rest use a power connection only.

How do I connect the VoIP ATA so that all my house phone jacks have a signal?

You can only do this if you have a Cable internet connection. You must first of call disconnect the demarcation point from outside your house in order to not have Tone interference from an outside provider. When you just connect the Phone port of the ATA directly to the telephone jack. Once done you should be able to use your phone with all your jacks. Be advised if you use an ADSL or FTTN service, this is not possible since the main demarcation is used to provide internet to your house. If this demarcation is disconnected you will not have internet connection working. Please call a wiring technician if need this type of setup.

How do I access the VoIP ATA Interface to change the options?

As a security feature we have disabled access to the ATA interface so our SIP server can update your device information automatically if it ends up getting reset or you need to have a change of phone number.