What is FTTN?

FTTN is Fiber to the node using ADSL technology and copper wiring inside your premises.

Why are FTTN Pricing in the same page as ADSL?

FTTN is still an DSL service which includes ADSL2 and VDSL2 Services as well.

Can i use my same modem I have for ADSL for FTTN services?

It depends on the compatiblity of your modem. Older ADSL modems are compatible up to 8Mbps lines. While ADSL2 Modems are able to go up to 24Mbps lines. Services starting with 25Mbps and higher requires VDSL2 Type modems. Check below to see if any of these standards applies to your modems.

  • ADSL Standards: Full-rate ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU-T G.992.1(G.DMT), ITU-T G.992.2(G.Lite)
    ITU-T G.994.1 (G.hs), ITU-T G.995.1 , ITU-T G.996.1, ITU-T G.997.1, ITU-T K.2.1
  • ADSL2 Standards: ITU-T G.992.3 (G.dmt.bis), ITU-T G.992.4 (G.lite.bis)
  • VDSL2 Standards: ITU-T G.993.2

Is FTTN available at my home or business?

To verify availability of service at your home, please enter your phone number on this page. This will tell you if you are able to have the service if you have an active landline only, as well as the maximum speed available on that line. If you need to verify by address please call us for FTTN speed availability. For details on the pricing and conditions, please visit our residential or corporate plan detail pages.

What if I don’t have an active phone line yet?

All our FTTN plans include a Dryloop line with or without a landline. We can verify with your address if you call us during our business hours to see which rateband your address applies to.

What if i already have a dryloop currently installed?

Even if you have a current ADSL dryloop installed with us or another ISP, we still require to send a technician to install a brand new FTTN dryloop line thats active for VIF Internet customers only. The newer dryloops are installed on Remote CO locations where higher speeds are provided.

Is VIF’s FTTN Service bandwith (upload/download) unlimited?

Yes and no. We are unlimited insofar as you will never be charged any transfer fee on our services, whatever amount you download. However, we do have a SoftCap of 150 gigs per month, and any user that goes over this limit will be switched to a secondary server (TBX-102) which has a lower priority on the bandwith – so regular users will not suffer from slower speeds during their normal usage of the service. This is done to prevent service slowdowns and cuts to all of our clients.

The limits are not evaluated monthly. Rather, we evaluate the past 15 days of usage on your account at 12:00AM every day. If in those past 15 days your bandwith (upload and download combined) equals or is higher than 75 gigabytes, you are transfered to the TBX-102 server. Since this is evaluated daily, as soon as your last 15 day’s evaluation goes back under 75 gigabytes, your are switched back to the regular server.

Is your FTTN High-Speed connection the same as with other ISPs?

Yes, our ADSL connections use the same technology as other providers. So if you’re transfering from another ISP it is important to know that the speed you were getting will be the same. What changes is the customer service and technical support staff, the price, and the billing system.

Some lights on my modem are flashing. Is there a problem with it?

This depends on the modem brand. It’s important that the light called either “DSL”, “ADSL” or “Line Sync” be a solid green, as well as the “LAN” or “ENET” light. The “ATM”, “ACT”, “RX”, “TX” lights will blink whenever you are transfering data on the internet.

My peer to peer applications are slow. Are you throttling my ports?

We do not throttle ports on the service unless you have been switched to the TBX-102 server (see the explanation here). On some applications such as torrents or p2p, the default ports might be slower due to high usage, so you can fix this by changing the incoming port number in the software’s settings.

Can I connect more than one computer in my home to the internet?

Yes modems that have integrated routers you can connect more than one computer on high-speed from your home. If you do not have an integrated router you need to purchase your own router. Onceinstalled To do this, all you need is to connect a router connected to your modem, connect your computer to this router, and setup the router to use our service. Please take note that we do not support router setup or configuration, you will need to refer to your router manual or contact your router’s manufacturer for this support.