Windows XP Connection Guide

  1. Click on Start, (All) Programs, Accessories, Communication, and then New Connection Wizard
  2. Choose Canada, and enter your area code and then click OK
  3. Click on OK
  4. Click on Next
  5. Click on the first option (Connect to the Internet), then click Next
  6. Click on the second option (Set up my connection manually), then click Next
  7. Click on the first option (Connect using a dial-up modem), then click Next
  8. Type in “VIF Internet“, then click Next
  9. Type the phone number closest to your region (refer to the list below the image), then click Next
  10. Type in your Username, your Password, Confirm your Password. Uncheck the third option (firewall), then click Next
  11. Check the option on this page to add a shortcut to the connection on your desktop, then click Finish