At VIF, we make everyone feel welcome – regardless of your gender, age, sexuality, religion, disability, or cultural background. We are constantly pushing boundaries in terms of diversity. What would it really be like to work here? If you talk to people around VIF about why they like being here, they will often say it’s all about the people.

Call Centres

People in our call centres are the face of VIF as each day, our consultants interact with and serve the needs of our customers; communicating by telephone, email and online chat.

What work would you do?

On a day to day basis, you could be assisting our customers with a diverse range of enquiries including sales, technical support, faults, and Internet support, Telephony sales and service, or billing. We also work with a wide range of customers from individual phone users right through the enterprise.

We have the ability to serve the whole of our customers needs thanks to our enhanced systems and capabilities. This means you could be a part of a team responding to a customer’s enquiry about their phone line, while identifying that they could also benefit from one of our broadband services. This gives our consultants the flexibility to not only service our customers queries, but also offer them our superior products and services to meet their needs.

Flexibility is also a very beneficial aspect of working in a call centre. Our people have the opportunity to balance their work and personal life through flexible rosters.

What roles could you have?

Sales and Service Consultants work to deliver and solve the needs of our customers through cost effective customer service. Consultants have sales and service targets that enable them the opportunity to outperform and exceed their targets. In this role, you may be initiating calls (outbound) or responding to customer enquiries (inbound) on a range of products and services.

Team Leaders lead their team’s delivery of sales and service targets, to achieve positive outcomes for our customers. You would support your team in their development and ability to perform in their role.

Centre Managers lead the whole centre of sales and service professionals. They are focused on delivering consistent outcomes for our customers and achieving sales and service targets. Centre Managers have a diverse role, providing coaching, delivering training and helping to launch new campaigns within the centre.

Each of our centres also has a range of support roles that provide operational support to the call centre. These can be specialist roles, for example you might help coordinate work activities for the centre, provide business and administrative support or provide operational support to the people in the centre.


Retail Stores are an important channel allowing VIF to bring today and tomorrow’s technology to life for our customers.

A career in Retail offers you the flexibility of full-time, part-time and casual work depending on what works best for you, and the store.

What roles could you have?

Customer Advisors are the face of VIF in our retail stores and provide advice to customers on our products and services while being a representative of the VIF brand. You would become an expert on everything from telephony to broadband solutions and would work with a wide variety of customers.

Assistant Store Managers lead a team of Retail Professionals in the store and support the Store Manager in the day to day operations and leadership of the store.

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Store Managers work in conjunction with VIF Retail Management team to set the strategy and bring it to life in-store. They also provide leadership and guidance to the store’s team of Retail Professionals.

Sales and Account Management

VIF delivers products and services to all sectors of the community and economy and so we have sales and account management teams to address their very different needs.

What work would you do?

Our sales and account management teams work with business clients at a number of levels:

  • Sole operators
  • Small to medium businesses
  • Organizations
  • Large enterprises
  • VIF partners who sell our products under our brands.

What roles could you have?

There is an enormous variety of sales and account management roles throughout VIF which specialize in different product groups, clients or locations. Here is a description of the key roles.

Regional Sales lead the sales activity of a sector in a particular region. They will have a team of Account Managers reporting to them.

Account Managers and Account Directors focus on a particular sector or geographic region and work with other parts of VIF to meet the requirements of their customers while achieving the objectives VIF has for their territory.

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Like any organization, there are many roles at VIF that are critical to the effective achievement of the company’s customer satisfaction strategy and long term goals, that are neither customer facing or technical roles. The work our people do in areas such as marketing, human resources, business, administration and finance.

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