Fact Sheets

We offer a full range of telecommunications services to our customers, including voice calling and messaging, and a range of information and connectivity services.

In response to increased competitive pressures in Canada and internationally, we source in the market innovative, first-class solutions for the provision of application development and maintenance services. We are partnering with first class providers to deliver:
  • improved quality to a competitive standard
  • improved new products and services
  • improved efficiency and lower prices
  • access to new technologies.
One of our major strengths in providing integrated telecommunications services is our extensive geographical coverage through our diverse network.

Telephone Network

Canada geographic characteristics provide unique challenges for the provision of nationwide digital coverage. These challenges are being overcome by the innovative application of a range of modern technologies to achieve end-to-end connections.

The network supports voice, facsimile and a range of features which facilitate voice calls. These include products like Call Waiting, Call Return, Abbreviated Dialling etc. New types of telephones and equipment which make these features more accessible and easy to use are continually entering the market.

Broadband Network

We deliver broadband capability through a variety of technologies using cable modem and ADSL.

The cable network is designed to provide two-way transmission for interactive services and high-speed data transfer. ADSL is a broadband access technology using existing telephone network access infrastructure capable of speeds depending on distance from exchange and line condition.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

FTTH is a next-generation access infrastructure technology that can deliver telephony, broadband data, video on an optical fibre platform. Fibre to the Premises is expected to play a pivotal role in our customer access network, along with the other technologies. VIF successfully commenced providing services to a number of clients and this move continues to provide VIF with insight into the ongoing effectiveness of FTTP as an access technology of choice

FTTN (Fiber To The Neighborhood or Node)

The installation of optical fiber to a junction box (node) in a neighborhood that serves a few hundred customers within a radius of about a mile. The connections from the node to the customer premises often uses DSL over existing telephone wires.