Internet Phone


Canada & United states calls free!

— Hawaii $0.06/min
— Alaska $0.39/min
— Nunavut, Yukon , Northwest territories $0.39/min
-Certain conditions apply to these plans


-Call Display
-Call Waiting
-Call Conferencing
-Call Forwarding
-Caller ID Blocking
-Voicemail to e-mail
-Fax to E-mail

Additional Fees

-$0.025/min for each outgoing minute over the limit of the plan.
-411 Calls 3.00$/min
-900 Calls are disabled
-Collect calls are disabled
-Regulatory 911 tax (Quebec only) $0.46/month
-Keep your existing phone number = $35

Equipment purchase

-VoIP ATA = $75
-Shipping fees: $20 (or free local pickup)

Important Notice

Please Note
Because of the nature of the VoIP system, your phone service will be down if there is a power outage or if your internet connection is otherwise interrupted. The use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS/battery backup) is recommended.

Important note regarding calls to 911
Calling to 911 will require identification of city and province, where the call will redirected to a local center requiring your complete address. Since the call is originating from the internet, emergency vehicles will not be dispatched if a loss of communication occurs (unlike e911).

Credit limit for security
We provide an automatic credit limit of $10 on our VoIP lines in order to make overseas calling or extra calling past your limits. This limit is set for your security, to block extra charges that might be added without your knowledge. We can raise this limit per month by $10, if required by the customer, up to a maximum of $50.