Internet Phone


Canada & United states calls free!

— Hawaii $0.06/min
— Alaska $0.39/min
— Nunavut, Yukon , Northwest territories $0.39/min
-Certain conditions apply to these plans


-Call Display
-Call Waiting
-Call Conferencing
-Call Forwarding
-Caller ID Blocking
-Voicemail to e-mail
-Fax to E-mail

Additional Fees

-$0.025/min for each outgoing minute over the limit of the plan.
-411 Calls 3.00$/min
-900 Calls are disabled
-Collect calls are disabled
-Regulatory 911 tax (Quebec only) $0.46/month
-Keep your existing phone number = $35

Equipment purchase

-VoIP ATA = $75
-Shipping fees: $20 (or free local pickup)

Important Notice

Please Note
Because of the nature of the VoIP system, your phone service will be down if there is a power outage or if your internet connection is otherwise interrupted. The use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS/battery backup) is recommended.

Important note regarding calls to 911
Calling to 911 will require identification of city and province, where the call will redirected to a local center requiring your complete address. Since the call is originating from the internet, emergency vehicles will not be dispatched if a loss of communication occurs (unlike e911).