Get Additional Discounts by choosing Combo packages. You can choose a duo or trio combinations. Please take note, TV plans are not available for packages below 25Mbps. Get even more discounts by taking a yearly plan.


-10 Emails (with Antispam filtering)
-Starter Webhosting plan
-Certain conditions apply to these plans including our acceptable usage policy

-Hawaii $0.06/min
-Alaska $0.39/min
-Nunavut, Yukon , Northwest territories $0.39/min

Phone Features

-Call Display
-Call Waiting
-Call Conferencing
-Call Forwarding
-Caller ID Blocking
-Voicemail to e-mail
-Fax to E-mail

Additional Fees

-$0.025/min for each outgoing minute over the limit of the plan.
-411 Calls $3.00/min
-900 Calls are disabled
-Collect calls are disabled
-Regulatory 911 tax (Quebec only) $0.46/month
-Keep your existing phone number = $35


One Free installation on yearly plans
$100 $60 Installation fees for new installations on monthly plans
$100 $85 move order or second installation fees

Modem Compatibility

Cable Modems

Arris TM822G
Motorola (SB6120, SB6121)
Thomson (DCM475, TC4300, TC4350, TC4400)
Hitron CDA-RES

VDSL Modems

-SmartRG (516AC,616AC,SR501,SR505N, SR506N)
-Sagemcom 2864
-Technicolor (TG589vac,TG588)
-TPLink TDW9970

Equipment purchase

Used ADSL2/VDSL2/Docsis 3.0 Modem = $50
New Thomson TC4400 Docsis 3.1 = $200
New Router TP-Link Archer C20 = $55
New Router TP-Link Archer A6 = $85
New Router TP-Link Archer C7 = $95
New Router TP-Link Deco M4 Mesh = $195
New Router TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh = $225
New VoIP ATA = $75
Shipping = $20 or free local pickup