Motorola Netopia 2210

  1. Go to your browser and type and press enter
  2. Default username and password is admin/admin to login
  3. Once logged in Click on the Firewall link on the left and Click on the off button on the right page and save changes.
  4. Next Click on Expert Mode. You will see a warning message just ignore it.
  5. Click on Yes, Enter Expert Mode
  6. Click on Configure on the left and click Connection
    • Set VCI to 0
    • Set VPI to 35
    • Protocol : PPP Over Ethernet/LLCSNAP
    • Bridging: Disabled
    • Concurrent Bridging/Routing: Disabled
    • Username: Enter your VIF
    • Password: Enter your VIF Password
    • Confirm Password: Reenter your VIF Password
    • Connection Type: Always On
    • UPNP: Have a check mark
    • Click Save Changes
  7. Click on Restart Router on the left
  8. Click Yes to restart
  9. Your modem will reboot and in about 2 mins you will see 4 green lights on your modem which indicates you are now connected to your internet.