2Wire 2701HG/2700HG-E

To configure the 2Wire 2700HG-E modem/router to let it stay connected 24/7, you will need to edit a few configuration before log in into it.
  1. Open a browser, in the address bar, type
  2. Click on “Internet Connection”.
  3. Click on “Advanced Settings” and it will ask you for a password to login, type: admin.
  4. Make sure the Settings is on DSL
    • Put the DSL Line Selection to “Automatic” then enter VPI as “0” and VCI as “35”.
    • Set the ATM Encapsulation as “Bridged LLC”.
    • Set the ATM PVC Search to “Disable”.
    • Set connection Type as “PPPoE”.
    • Enter your “username”, “password” and “confirm password”.
    • Set forced Upstream MTU as “1492”.
    • Click Save.
  5. In a few minutes, try to browse the internet, you should be able to surf now.
  6. If you want to setup the wireless, here are the instructions for it.
    • Go on the “Home Network” page, then in “Wireless Settings”
    • Put a check mark on “SSID Broadcast” and “Wireless Network Security”
    • The Authentication could be set on WEP Open, WEP Share, WPA-PSK, best choice will be “WPA-PSK”.
    • Use “Custom encryption key” and type the key you want. The default one is the one on the modem.
    • Finally, click “Save”.